Stay and Train

Stay and Train (for dogs 5 months and up) Prices start at $1200 for the 2 week program

  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay (sit and down positions)
  • Come when Called
  • Dogs must be evaluated (no charge) before being enrolled 
  • Shy/timid dogs may require more than a  two- week program
  •  In the second week, we will go to the parks (weather permitting) and will attend my group classes with me for added focus on distractions. 
  • Due to it causing a major set back in their training, no visits will be allowed

**Two private sessions included

REMOTE COLLAR TRAINING (Prices start at $2000 and include the remote collar)
Remote Collar training is available. Your dog will learn the same curriculum as the 2 week Stay and Train but on a Remote Collar. This program is excellent for Off-Leash training and is a 3 week program.

  •  The remote collar cost will vary and will be included in the final estimate.
    **Two private sessions included

Behavior Modification: Cost will be determined by length and severity of the issues. An evaluation must be done in advance ($80-$125+), and a game plan will be discussed with you after the eval. 


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