This recipe is good even in the winter time! To make it a little less messy, I tear up small pieces of aluminum foil and wrap it around the bottom to keep it from leaking.

What I used:
Frozen blueberries
Yogurt (I like the vanilla flavored, and share it with my furkids)
Peanut butter
Dog Treat to top it off

How I did it:

1) I wrapped the bottom with aluminum foil and placed them upside down in a bowl big enough to hold them all.
2) I blended the yogurt and the frozen blueberries together
3) Then, I filled 1/3 of the kong with the mixture
4) I then gently mixed the Cheerio’s and peanut butter tother, filling the kong to just below the opening
5) I topped the opening off with more peanut butter and topped it off with a moist dog treat or two
6) Place in freezer for a couple hours, then let your pup enjoy them!

You can also place them in a Ziploc bag, and keep them frozen for when you need them.

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