Therapy Dog Certification

So you want to make your dog a therapy dog…

A Therapy Dog is a dog that is certified to visit nursing homes, hospitals, schools, or libraries. A Therapy Dog is NOT a Service dog. 

  • Dog’s must be 1 year old or older to test.
  • Dog’s and their handlers will be tested and registered together.
  • There can also be multiple handlers for your dog, but everyone must test individually.
  • There is a $20/test fee (please make a check out to Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs)

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When Can I test?
Your can test your dog after completing your training by calling or texting us at 440-522-6090

You are welcome to schedule an appointment just to test for the therapy dog certification. This option requires the $20 check made out to Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dogs in addition to a $25 testing fee to Total K9.

How do I train my dog to be a Therapy Dog?
We offer private classes that are customized specifically for this program. Please note, that your dog must pass a temperament test to qualify to become a Therapy Dog.

Therapy Dog Training Gallery

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